Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Speech
September 8, 2017
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Die Norm des Menschen

2006 : Meinblau, Berlin, Germany

GLOBALALIEN Corporate Identity

During the first exhibition the GLOBALALIEN corporate identity was developed. The logo consists of two elements: the human figure and the color orange. The human figure is a symbol of 'free speecher', the orange color represents the future.

Global Alien Archive Room

Visiting my motherland (Writing on the wall, suitcase with garbage)

For my first visit back in Korea after I lived as an alien for three and a half years in France, I organized a meeting with my ex-boyfriend in a small park where we had spent time together nine years earlier when we were together.

Writing on the wall: A love story based on this meeting.

Garbage in a suitcase: Consisting of Korean products that I brought to Europe.

Room with a stranger (Performance, Installation)

1) Searching for a person, who is alien in state, personality, religion and background.
2) An overseas container built of used cardboard boxes outside of the exhibition space as the place for us to meet. It will be the room for us to live and work in. We have to share space and resources.

Our stories, our background, our bodies, our present needs are the material we can use to design the space: Photographs of our childhood, stories of our previous life, questions about home, how our actual life can feel alien, where do we want to go, where are limitations, restrictions of an encounter?

Afterwards visitors of the exhibition could visit the space and follow the process that took place in the containerbox.

Alien Isolation Cell (reconstructed cell)

4,5 square meters. Cell of the size asylum seekers in Germany are forced to stay in.

In the re-constructed cell you are permanent under surveillance.

Challenger Deep / Hyderabad (Words spray-painted on the ceiling and on the floor.)

'Hyderabad' is the name of a city in India where a balloon was released with instruments to collect samples from the atmosphere. It found bacteria in the highest recorded altitude, 41 km.

'Challenger Deep' is the deepest point in the ocean where life has been found, 11 km.

The work is about thresholds in human culture and of the planet. The writing is done with a spray can (aerosol can) in a carefree manner, resembling a regular graffiti style. When the texts are written they are cairns (memorials or landmarks), left standing as abstract and physical locations. In the future they will be obsolete when a new discovery is made.

stOne (salt crystal rock, above a bowl with water, light)